Benedetto De Martino (Principal investigator)


I am a cognitive neuroscientist who works in the field of decision making and neuroeconomics. I did my PhD  at University College of London.  Here I began to study human decision making, integrating economics models with the tools of cognitive neuroscience with the aim of developing a more realistic account of economic behaviour. In 2008 I was awarded a Wellcome postdoctoral fellowship with Daniel Kahneman as mentor. I worked two years in the Department of Economics at Caltech with Colin Camerer. I am now a Sir Henry Dale Fellow (Royal Society & Wellcome Trust) at the University College London, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience where I am the Principal Investigator of the Decision Making Group. Contact me


Tomas Folke (PhD student)

My background is in experimental psychology: I did my BSc at the University of York and my MPhil at the University of Cambridge. In 2013 I received an ESRC Scholarship to continue my studies at Cambridge. My main research interest is the role of awareness in meta-cognition. Specifically, I want to understand what the benefits (and costs) are of being aware of one's confidence in a given decision. Contact me

Annika Boldt (Postdoc)

My main research interests lie in the field of human decision making and how subjective feelings of confidence arise from these decisions — a process commonly referred to as metacognition. I am currently finishing my PhD under the supervision of Nick Yeung (ACC Lab, University of Oxford), where I have focused on how such metacognitive processes unfold in the context of perceptual decision making. During my Postdoc in the BdM Lab, I am now shifting my focus to value-based decision making, asking how confidence judgements are formed based on the value we assign to different objects, as well as how such metacognitive signals are then used internally. Contact mePersonal Webpage

Paula Kaanders (Lab Manager)

I am a the lab manager of the BdM Lab. My background is mainly in psychology and neuroscience, as I studied mostly those subjects while being an undergraduate at University College Utrecht. I also took some economics courses, which sparked my interest in a combination of the disciplines I was studying. 

We are looking for new people to join the lab, contact me if interested