Television and Newspapers :


CAM Alumni Magazine (2015)

BBC Horizon (2008) 

Excerpt from the BBC Horizon documentary "How to make better decisions".

BBC News (2006) - “Emotions fuel irrational acts”

BBC News (2010) - “Patients with amygdala injury 'unafraid' to gamble”

USA Today (2006) - “Study: Emotion rules the brain's decisions”

Daily Mail (2008) - “Autistic people rely less on their gut instincts, say researchers”

Daily Mail (2010) - “Brain defect can turn the cautious into high-risk gamblers”

The Guardian (2006) - “Research considers link between gambling and emotion”

The Guardian (2012) - “The Optimism Bias”

The Telegraph (2012) - “Reason why most people don't take large gambling risks uncovered by scientists”

The Independent (2010) - “Genetic disorder turns risk-averse into gamblers”  

Wall Street Journal (2012) - “Big Incentives Can Hinder, Rather Than Help”

Scientific American (2010) - “What Happens in the Amygdala... Damage to Brain's Decision-Making Area May Encourage Dicey Gambles” 

Scientific American (2017) - "An Inner Look into the Minds and Brains of People with OCD"

Wired (2017) - "Psychology explains why your friends can't shut up about bitcoin"

NewScientist (2008) - “Never gamble with an autistic opponent”

ScienceDaily (2017) - "In people with OCD, actions are at odds with beliefs"

Reuters (2010) - “Study shows why it is so scary to lose money”

La Repubblica (2010) - “Cervello, quella ‘valvola’ difettosa che ci asciuga il portafoglio”

Corriere Della Sera (2011) - “La mandorla (amara) dei mercati”

Corriere Della Sera (2011) - “Per investire bene ci vuole il gene giusto”

Il Foglio (2017) - “C'è un po' di Italia nello studio che promette di rivoluzionare il trattamento dei disturbi psichiatrici

Il Sole 24 ore (2011) - “La paura? Spinge ai titoli di Stato”

Delo (2012) - “Nevroekonomisti bi bili lahko milni mehurček, toda nismo”


Public Talks :


LSE public event ' Is the Brain a Predictive Machine?' (2015)

Bergamo Science Festival 2011 (video in italian)

Science London 2011

Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2012 (with Paloma Faith)

Bright Club (podcast - n.26 in the iTunes list)

Finally, some irreverent stand-up comedy with a Science theme, filmed at London's Bright Club (Parental Guidance advised!)